Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Guest blogging is the hubby, Steve.

More often than not, we use the blog to share pictures and keep family and friends up on fun, momentous or exciting adventures we have. The blog is also a good way to share tiny, perceived inconsequential moments that our 13 (nearly 14) month old twin boys can teach us.

At our house, we have stairs that lead up from our garage and we have a railing that the you can look over (or through if you're 2 feet tall) and see who is coming up the stairs. Kim has shared pictures of this in the past. Yesterday, I came home from work and for whatever reason, had my head buried in my phone, reading the news or an email. As I came up the stairs, to my surprise, I heard a very sweet little 13 month old voice say, "hi". There was Matthew, a big smile on his face, standing there at the railing. son was prepared, excited and anticipating me, I was not anticipating my son...

This fleeting moment, was and is a reminder to me that I always want to be prepared, excited and anticipating seeing my family and everything else associated with jobs, responsibilities and the world need to be left at the door.

I'll be ready today.

(March '10 photo added by me, a wife who feels very loved today)


Pam Kelsey said...

I agree, Steve. They grow up way to fast...don't miss a thing. You are a great dad to the boys!

Bonnie said...

So sweet!!