Thursday, July 8, 2010

Matthew's First Haircut

Matthew's floppy hair was getting long and scraggly, which I could have put up with, but he just looked so hot and miserable with his sweaty mop matted to his head, that I just had to get it cut.  So our hairdresser squeezed him in between our appointments yesterday.
 Matthew and his sweaty, moppy hair on Tuesday night, eating Culver's custard for the first time at our annual Orchestra in the Park concert.
Nathan danced in his seat when the music picked up, rocking back and forth, kicking his legs and smiling like crazy!  Matthew even clapped at the end of songs when the audience did!
He didn't like it at first, then he got his first lollipop, a watermelon DumDum.  The haircut went swimmingly well after that!
Nathan also got his first lollipop, a mango DumDum!  He didn't get a haircut like his brother did to earn it, though.  Sometimes you just get in on your brother's coattails!
The finished product - he looks like a little boy now!
Then we had a little surprise, when our hairstylist's 102 one-day-old chicks arrived (yes, she raises chickens, too-a very talented woman, indeed)!
We almost had to buy this one when Nathan grabbed it and nearly popped its head off!
Matthew actually said "tickle, tickle," when he patted the chick!
I'm so glad that my friend K was able to give Matthew his first haircut and that we got to do it together as a family.  The chicks just pushed the whole event way over the edge of the cuteness chart!
And I listened to 100 peeping chicks while K did my hair after Steve and the boys left!


Bonnie said...

Now there's something I bet you never thought you'd say -- I got to little to the peeping of little chicks while my son got his hair cut!

He looks very handsome, by the way......and good thing Nathan got to enjoy the spoils too, wouldn't want him feeling left out!!

Meika said...

What an adorable haircut! I'm thinking of taking our girls tomorrow - enough of the scragglies!

And how fantastic are those cute little chicks? I love it!