Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Naming Contest Update, or, When Geese Attack

I was just kidding when I told you to send your entries via homing pigeon.

Apparently, someone thought, 
"If homing pigeon is good, 
will be better!"

So, while you all were brainstorming brilliant blog names for me on Sunday, hubby and I were swabbing the deck (ahoy, matey!) because a 


on our deck.  The word "poo" does not, cannot, describe what this bird did to our deck during his fly-by.
No, Maverick!
I did not grant your request for a fly-by!

I did not take a photo because it was too. disgusting. 

You know what makes this worse?

These creatures are protected in our state!

If I ever find out who sent that goose....I'll sic'em on you!

P.S. The entries are excellent!  Keep them coming...I plan to post a running list on the blog Monday.  And I'm thinking I'll have you all vote beginning Friday.  Fun!

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