Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pizza, Playhouse, Pucks

Having guests in town is the perfect excuse to trek up to the cities and visit Punch Pizza, the absolute, positively BEST pizza outside of Italy!  (Not that we need an excuse, mind you - we just love to share the love!)  Last time we went, we just let the guys gnaw on crusts, but this time, they ate the pizza for real!  Look how much Matthew loves it!  And they loved watching the pizza guys working behind him - that's the 900 degree wood fire oven you see over his head.
 Here's Nathan, in heaven, finishing up his piece!

Then we went to listen to a big band concert at the Lake Harriet Bandshell - we love to go up there in the summer for their concerts!  Grandma and Nathan are keeping cool in the shade here, just moments before he breaks her new shades!  Oops, sorry, Grandma.
Monday was our last day to have Grandma in town, and she did what grandmas do best - spoil the kids!  So off we went to Toys R Us, where she got the boys some new trucks and this cute inflatable play house. Matthew is occupied with the trucks (see his bottom thru the house?) and Nathan LOVES the house!
When the novelty of the playhouse wears off, I might give them the balls it came with. 
We'll see, like my mom used to tell me.
And we all know what that means.

P.S. Bonus Pic, to make this blog more fair because it's full of Nathan today.  I made blueberry muffins to give to our new neighbor, but forgot the baking powder, so they were blueberry pucks. (NO, I did not give them to her.)  That was the same day the boys tried spaghetti-o's for the first time, which resulted in this:

And then a bath!

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