Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hawaii Highlights

Yes, we did.  We took two five-month-olds to Hawaii.  Now I know we are officially crazy!  Hubby had to do some business in HI, so we decided to extend his trip by a few days and take our first family vacation.Let me share with you some highlights:

1.   The plane!  We couldn't have done it without help, so Grandma A. and Aunt L. came along.  We flew from MSP to Honolulu, then caught a flight from HNL to Kona, on the Big Island.   The boys were very good on the flights, but would NOT sleep!  You've read about how Matthew won't close his eyes and he was true to form on this trip. 

Aunt L. and me suiting up to go through security at MSP.

Matthew, Nathan, and Grandma A. playing on the plane.

Me, Aunt L, and the boys with ALL OUR JUNK in Kona, waiting for hubby and the rental car (ok, mini-van-no convertible on this trip!)

2. The condo!  We spent a lot of time hanging out at the condo, more that we would have on a "normal" vacation, but I've decided that nothing is going to be normal again!  Not that it ever was, though....  Anyhow, we stayed in a really great place with both ocean and mountain views out the windows.  Hubby and I had to keep the pack 'n plays in our room, which was new to us, so we got a little less sleep than "normal."

Nathan and Matthew doing tummy time Hawaiian style.

First Hawaiian sunset just steps from the condo

Aunt L, Daddy and Matthew hanging out.

3. The pool!  This turned out to be one of my favorite activities!  We don't usually spend a lot of time at the pool, but it looks like we will now that we have children.  The boys really seemed to enjoy the dip!

Steve and Matthew

Nathan and me.  I love this photo for two reasons: first, Nathan is just so stinkin' cute here, and second, it makes me look great in a swimsuit!

The four of us playing motorboat

4. The beaches!  The van was full of chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, snacks and a cooler - our days of taking just a towel are long gone.  Having four adults made it possible for everyone to snorkel, boogie board, swim, and walk along the beach.  The boys really seemed to enjoy the sea breeze and slept most of the time.

Nathan sleeping at Place of Refuge

Daddy, Matthew and Aunt L. putting on sunblock at Turtle Beach

I dip Matthew and Steve dips Nathan into the ocean for the first time at Kahalu'u Beach

The beautiful walk that wasn't.  Every trip has to have a meltdown and Matthew had his at Ka'upulehu Beach while we were strolling down a MAGNIFICENT path in front of the Four Seasons Resort.  If this were a video, you'd hear Matthew's ear piercing screams as we walked back to the van.  (Sigh)

5. Mountain Thunder Coffee!  You might remember my  previous post about visiting a coffee farm; we got to go again.  All of us on the trip are big time coffee lovers so it was the perfect place to visit on our last day.  While we drove up the mountain, the temperature dropped from 85 to about 68, and it became misty and grey.  It's like driving through a jungle, then opening your van door to the delicious aroma of roasting coffee beans.  Mmmm...

Our first visit to TMC in 2007

2009, starting them young!  Just kidding, the boys and I are not drinking coffee...yet.

6. Coming home.  Not a highlight, but I had to have an excuse to add this pic.  See how tired we were when we boarded the plane?  You can only imagine what we looked like by the time we got home!

7. Many thanks and much love to Grandma A and Aunt L, our nannies, photographers, and sanity-savers.  We love you!

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