Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whirled Peas

We are moving up the food chain, from rice cereal to peas.  However, some of you have voted that the peas are related to our sleeplessness, which absolutely cracks me up!  My readers are funny people!  Sunday night, we busted out the peas and the boys....well, I wasn't convinced the boys were fans.  Here's Nathan's response:

Not so sure about this, Mom and Dad

Neither one made that classic "this is disgusting" face that we were expecting.  But we did get a "this is weird" kind of expression on video.  Both boys opened wide for more, though, so I guess peas aren't that bad!  In fact, by the end of the meal, it was looking like Matthew liked them:

I love peas and rice!

We knew it was time to try solids because they've been watching us intently as we eat.  In fact, I was trying to multi-task - eat toast and tandem nurse one morning (I was in a hurry!), but Matthew was more interested in my toast than his breakfast and kept turning his head, watching it go from the plate to my mouth.  I had to stop eating the toast so he would finish nursing.  Besides, I'm probably not teaching them good manners by dropping crumbs on their heads.


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Pam Kelsey said...

Add a little fruit to those peas! A spoonful of applesauce makes the green peas go down! Gee, that reminds me of a song...