Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rollin', rollin', rollin'....

Keep them doggies rollin'!
Yep, that's what Matthew's been doing the last few days.  I just can't leave him laying in the middle of the floor on his blanket anymore.  He's figured out that he can get from A to B by rolling back-tummy-back-tummy.  I suspect in a few more days he'll figure out he can also go in "reverse" when the couch stops his roll.  That's as far as he can go...roll, roll, roll into the couch then stop. 

Of course, this new talent does not just take place on the floor.  Oh, no!  His absolute FAVORITE time to try rolling is during a diaper change - and the dirtier the better.  What fun!

Nathan's doggies are rollin' this week as well...with the scary exersaucer barrel!  Both boys just LOVE Grandma K's exersaucer - it has WAY more toys attached than theirs.  It's got a cat with a bell and a steering wheel, but most exciting of all is the barrel.  It's a clear barrel filled with beads that clatter when you roll it, presumably fun for small children.  Nathan loves the exesaucer, until, in his excitement, he hits the barrel which then rolls and makes a noisy clatter:


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lindsey said...

Haha Matthew is notorious for rolling over during a diaper change.. He thinks he is just sooo hilarious! I always laugh so I guess I'm encouraging him =]