Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sinus Infection

Poor little Nathan has been battling a sinus infection all week.  I feel for the little guy because he's having so much trouble breathing, especially at night.  He falls asleep, then wakes himself up snorting because there is so much mucus up there, so I give him saline drops and suction him out.  Sometimes I get stuff, sometimes not.  He hates it, squirming and crying, getting all worked up.  When he can finally breathe, I try to get him to fall asleep, but then he thinks it's time to play.  Later, when he falls asleep, he wakes up again an hour later.  What to do?  If I don't suction his nose, he's not going to breathe and keep snorting. So do it again, but this time he wants to eat....then play.

And this was the kid who was sleeping 12 hours without making a peep just a week ago!

Today starts day 3 of the antibiotics, which the doctor said would take 2-3 days to start working.  He seemed to feel better during the day yesterday, but last night was a doozy, so I'm believing that today the meds will kick in and tonight will be great.

Except that he cut his second tooth yesterday.

And we have the boys' six month well-baby appointment and shots today.

The good news is Matthew is being his normal, cantankerous self because he's teething with a jealous ferocity!

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