Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Minnesota Aulds Twins

I'm going back in time today to tell you the story of the Minnesota Aulds Twins onesies because I found these adorable pictures on my sister-in-law's computer and wanted to share them with you.

First, my Michigan family was tickled pink because we were having "Minnesota Twins," a humorous thought that never occurred to me until it was pointed out.  Second, as I've blogged previously, Steve and I couldn't decide on names and were calling the boys "Righty" and "Lefty."  Third, my brother's wife is a very creative woman who likes to make special gifts for others.

So when my mom and mother-in-law threw us a big shower in Michigan in my 23rd week, my sister-in-law, R., gave us the adorable onesies pictured above.  I thought they were so tiny that my boys would never get to wear them.  (I was still quite convinced I would have two gigantic babies based on my family's genes!)  The little onesies were a big hit and got passed around to everyone.  She'd used the Minnesota Twins graphic on the front but used a bottle instead of a baseball bat and put "Righty 01" and "Lefty 02" on the back.

Au contraire!  My babes were born at 35 weeks, weighing a respectable 5 lbs, 5 oz, and 5 lbs, 9 oz.  But they were so small that they wore preemie clothes borrowed from the MVMOMs Preemie Closet for the first 3 weeks!  Then they wore size Newborn until they were 2 months old.  That's when they finally fit into their MN Twins outfits. 

Matthew "Lefty" and Nathan "Righty"

You can see their little tiny band-aids on their thighs from their 2 month shots.  Poor Nathan's legs were so skinny that there was hardly enough fat there for the nurse to poke him.  The boys and I were brave, but Grandma A. was the one who cried that day!

The little onesies were only worn for a few weeks, but now we have a special item for a memory box.  It will be so amazing to pull them out one day when they are 6 feet tall (we have high hopes :) and know that those outfits were once too big for them.

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shannon said...

hey there! i just found your blog through the mulitples and more site! (ps. i love that place) anyway, what cute onesies! i have a couple of minnesota twins, myself! oh and my babes are still such peanuts, although @ birth they weighed 5.11 and 7lbs even! hope you have a great day!