Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Babyfriends!

Yesterday, I wrote that one thing we like about Michigan is seeing old friends who also travel back here to see their families for the holidays.  Today I had a special treat!  Thanks to Facebook, I've been able to reconnect with a high school friend whom I hadn't seen in (gasp!) 14 years.  We've been chatting all summer because lo and behold, we were both pregnant with twins at the same time! 

When we realized we'd both be in our hometown this week, we decided to get together for one BIG playdate.  For old time's sake, we ate LaPizza pizza and breadsticks for lunch - our high school lunch staple. The kiddos didn't exactly play together - they're not there yet, but we adults had a good time catching up with all the old high school gossip (some of it very interesting, but I won't spread it here) and Hubbies got to talk twin-dad shop, something that they very rarely have an opportunity to do. 

K's babies, C and J, were little (okay, BIG!) sweeties this afternoon.  C and J really seemed to understand what vacation means; lounging, eating, smiling, giggling, and watching the ceiling fan.  Nathan and Matthew, just one month older, seemed to scare K and her hubby because they were showing off their rolling-over skills.  In fact, just after they left, Matthew figured out how to go back-to-tummy-to-back over and over!  He kept going until he bonked his head on the footstool and that was that.  We'll see if he tries again tomorrow.

There was a very brief sliver of time all four babies were awake for a photo, so we snapped a few and I even got one with all eight eyes open!  We had such a good time and can't wait to get back together again.  In the meantime, K, let's keep skyping and emailing!  Thank you for a very special and memorable afternoon!

New Babyfriends: Baby C, Baby J, Matthew, Nathan

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