Friday, November 13, 2009

One Tooth Wonder

I shouldn't have been so surprised.  After all, my little guys wanted to come into this world earlier than we expected.  Naturally, their teeth do, too.

A few days ago I blogged that we were sleepless and I asked my readers to vote why.  Right now "Time Zone Warp" is winning, probably because my entry was a little biased that direction. I'd like to leave the voting open, but I'm closing it because we've learned the cause:


I couldn't believe it!  Okay, it's not the greatest photo, but I've never claimed to be a photographer.  If you look REAL close, you can see his right central incisor poking up.  And boy, it's sharp!  He chomped down on my finger today and I yelped.

We were all just playing on the floor, the boys were showing off their almost-turning-over skills, I was folding laundry and Steve asked, "What's that in Nathan's mouth?"

"Spitup," I said, because he is the king of cottage-cheese-mouth. 

"No, look!"  And there it was; a gleaming little tooth.

The light bulb came on: so THAT explains it!  All the crying, fussing, and carrying-on that had been going on in our house this week.  Why didn't I expect it?  Because the doctor said that the average child cuts his first tooth at 7 months.  While I DO think that my children are above-average (and who doesn't?), I wasn't expecting their physical development to be ahead of schedule, considering they were preemies born at 35 weeks.

We laughed and smiled, applauded, hugged and kissed, like we do every time one of our sons does something remarkable.

Then we gave them both Tylenol and everyone slept! I wonder how this nursing thing is going to go?  

 Matthew chewing furiously to catch up with Nathan One-Tooth-Wonder

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Misty said...

Emma cut her first tooth very early too...I think she was about 5 months old. Maybe earlier? (Guess I need to check out the baby book, huh?)

I do have some advice on nursing with a teething baby: change positions with each feeding. I realize this will be more complicated with two little mouths, but it was the only thing that saved me. If you use just the one position every time, that little tooth wears a spot and it leads to an open sore very quickly. Also, make sure you have some lanolin on will provide some relief to you.