Thursday, March 18, 2010

1000! and other stuff

Today I noticed we have had over 1000 visits to our blog!  It's way over that, but about a month ago, I added a counter that counts every *new* computer (URL? visitor?  IDK) that visits our site.  (Meaning you've been counted for every different computer you use.)  I'm a nobody-nothing-goin'-nowhere-blog, so it's kind of a thrill that we've had that many visits!

AND, I haven't had a new follower in months, so click the follow button and add a picture of yourself so I can see your tiny pretty face every day.  You have to have a google account,  (at least I think so - anyone know differently?) but it's ok to make one just to be my follower - they're free!

Follow me or else!
Ha Ha, you're so bossy, brother!  Look, I'm a big toy!  Ha Ha!

In other news, we're in the middle of installing a room-darkening shade in the boys' room.  Daylight savings times to them means they can wake up at 6 am. I. Don't. Think. So.  I say "the middle" because...well, let's just say stuff like that takes...awhile. (SO WHAT if I told the guy at Ace Hardware to cut the 37 1/2" blind down to 36" even though the window is 34"?  I DID take the measurements...they were safe at home on the counter.  You ever try to take two babies to the hardware store?  Huh?  Have you?)

And, as you saw yesterday, Matthew likes to get into cabinets.  So we are also in the middle of installing cabinet latches.  Yeah, it takes awhile.  Maybe I should just get rid of all the toxic junk.  It would be easier.  Like M said, if babies weren't so darn cute it would make us crazy!  

Except I already am.

Happy Thursday!  Oh, and here's how we celebrated St. Patty's Day yesterday:
by feeding  painting ourselves with avacados, of course!

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