Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Good Morning!  We surprised Mommy by staying quiet until 7:30 am.  Then we surprised her again when we EACH had diapers full of green, smelly poo.  She didn't feed us peas again today, so our plan worked!
Good Afternoon!  We were very good boys with Mommy and her friend at the Mexican restaurant.  She even let us try the beans - they were okay, but we're glad she had Cheerios we could throw on the floor eat instead.  Then we read our library books this afternoon.  She reads to us, but we prefer turning our OWN pages, thankyouverymuch!
Good Night!  We were making Mommy a little crazy by 5:00 because we only slept one hour this afternoon, so we Skyped with Grandma.  Since we BOTH wanted to see Grandma on the computer at the SAME time - and we'll have you know we made that VERY clear by wailing and whining and pulling at the computer cords under the desk if one was not on her lap - Mommy invented this game where we can both see Grandma.  This is what Grandma saw while Skyping.  Pretty cool!

We love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Love, Nathan and Matthew


lindsey_aulds said...

That picture of Matthew is so funny/cute! Does that pacifier clip work better than the Pooh Bear ones?

Jules said...

That sounds like my morning wake up every morning. LOL!

Lovely letter boys. :)

KimnSteve said...

Fella's, daddy misses you so much and he'll be home from Barbados tomorrow. Love you!

mrs. b. said...

aw, how sweet! and love the pictures, as always. :)