Saturday, March 13, 2010

Staycation Report Three

Our staycation is winding down, but there is still one more day of fun to be had. The family photos finally came online, so here are a couple of shots:
I'm glad we started with the boys' 9 month photos because they were very smiley in the beginning.  Our normally-serious Matthew was loving the photo shoot.
You want me to do what?  Smile?  Gimme a break - I do that all day long.
What a cutie pie!
Nathan finally smiled in this one, but we didn't buy it because Matthew's waving cast a shadow on this face.  He was waving at the photographers!
And didn't L do a great job on my hair?  Wowsers, wish I had her here every time I needed it done!
Matthew LOVED the Water Park of America!  He immediately wanted to crawl in the water.
Look at those big-boy swimming trunks!  They're hardly babies anymore *sniff*.
Here we are after cruising the Lazy River, my favorite part.  Both boys LOVED the park - they splashed and played, and enjoyed watching the masses of kids riding the rides. It was our first indoor water park experience - wonder what took us so long?  It was great fun!

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