Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mother's Intuition

Do you believe in Mother's/Father's Intuition? Give some examples.

Yes! Yes, I do!  

My mother's intuition kicked in early in our pregnancy.  When we found out we were having twins at 6 weeks, we immediately began brainstorming names for the babies.  Steve and I agreed quickly on two girls' names, and I said, "You know we'll have two boys - that's why we can't agree on names!"  Deep in my heart, I knew there were two boys in there early in the first trimester.

At twelve weeks, we heard the babies' heartbeats for the first time.  The actual numbers elude me now, but one heartbeat was slower and the other faster.  It didn't faze me until I told this to some people (you know who you are *cough*momandmotherinlaw*cough*) who convinced me that the fast heartbeat was a boy and the slow one was a girl.  It happened again at our sixteen weeks' appointment: one fast and one slow.  I was swayed a bit and began to think I was having one of each, but I KNEW there was AT LEAST one boy in there.  There was no way it was two girls.

And sure enough, at our twenty weeks' ultrasound appointment, we learned we were having TWO BOYS!  We just HAD to find out - especially since we'd been calling the babies 'Righty' and 'Lefty.' Even though we told everyone we were having boys, we wouldn't tell the names - not because we were being coy, but because we just couldn't decide!

So yes, I believe in mother's intuition.  Matthew and Nathan will be 10 months old this week, so I don't have a lot of stories, but I CAN tell if the cry means hunger, dirty diaper, or a binky tossed from the crib.  I also know if the silence is playing with toys or playing with the kitchen trash.  So I think my mother's intuition is getting better!

 Here's Matthew sucking on his blue bink and stealing Nathan's green on right off his shirt yesterday!

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