Friday, March 12, 2010

Staycation Report Two

The boys are loving all the attention and action this week!  I'm afraid they'll be bored out of their skulls next week when we're back to the ol' grind, but until then, let the good times roll!

Like I said, the boys and I opted out of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts/Punch Pizza/Downtown Tour on Wednesday, so I don't have any great pics of that adventure for you.  You all want to see the boys, anyhow, so we'll move on to Thursday, Staycation Day Four.

Thursday is ECFE for us, so we took special guest, Grandma, to class with us!
I caught Nathan kissing himself in the mirror!
Just had to snap this cute shot of little girl friend A, Nathan, and Matthew all dressed in green stripes and playing with the green balls in the green bucket.  Too cute!
Here we are at our favorite restaurant, Teresa's, celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's 32nd wedding anniversary.  The boys are sitting in big boy chairs like the pros they are!
Aunt L and I made their anniversary cake from scratch: Silver White Cake with Lemon Filling and Fluffy White Frosting.  It tasted delicious and was worth the humongous mess we made in the kitchen.

Here's where I would add the family photos we took that evening at a local portrait studio, but the proofs aren't yet online as of this writing.  But I can tell you they look great!  Aunt L gave me the salon treatment before we left so my hair and makeup looks incredible!  Oh, and everyone else looks good too! The boys behaved well and Matthew was smiling like crazy, so we got some beautiful shots.  Nathan refused to give us his million-dollar smile in the studio, though.  He reserved it for the car rides there and back, of course.  But no fear, we got some good shots of him, too.  I'm glad to finally make it into a family portrait!

Then we sent Grandma and Grandpa on a surprise anniversary date complete with prime rib and roses.  They seem to have had a good time.   Daddy and Uncle A were in charge of the baths last night, and they did a great job because the fellas conked out and we didn't hear a peep until 7 am this morning.  The rest of us who weren't on a date or sleeping played Wii bowling all night.  Unfortunately, I'm out of practice and lost my pro status (Boo!), but developed an interesting running-at-the-tv technique that scored me 4 strikes in a row!  So maybe I can earn my pro status back tonight!

We're off to Waterpark of America right after morning nap, so stay tuned for some cuter-than-cute baby swimsuit shots at our next update!

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mrs. b. said...

fun! so excited for the cuter-than-cute swimsuit shots! :)