Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Storytime Again!

Is it still baby storytime if you get there so late that you missed the story?  I guess so, because I don't know what else to call it.  The fellas still enjoyed themselves because I let them play with the other free range chickens - I mean, babies. 
Like this, bro.  Press the blue one!
Baby storytime is just once a month at our library and I love it because only a few people show up.  It's held in a big room where the chickens can roam free but not escape.  We read a couple of board books, sing songs (enter me, pushing the fellas in giganto-stroller), then the best part - PLAY WITH TOYS.

Hello?  This baby Nathan is taking my toy!

Mommy's camera!  It's better than any toy I've seen today!

Look, Mom, I dove headfirst into the toy basket and our nice librarian saved me!

That's nice, Nathan.  Now let's go return our books and get some new ones.
Then go home and take a nap because you guys wipe me out.
Oh,and read a book, since we obviously didn't do that at the library.


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mrs. b. said...

cute pictures! baby storytime looks like a ton of fun, story or not. ;)