Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Olympians

I think the boys are disappointed that the Olympics are over and have decided to start training for the 2026 Olympic Games (they have to be 16 compete, right?). 

Here's Nathan practicing for the skeleton this morning - all on his own, mind you. 
Or maybe they're thinking the two-man bobsled?  Just don't go down headfirst!
This looks like the men's parallel bars, so perhaps they're going to compete in the Summer Games.  
What a proud mama I'd be having both sons competing in the Olympics.
Too bad this was morning naptime.


mrs. b. said...

haha! they are so cute! and clearly, future Olympians. :)

lindsey_aulds said...

Hmm, I would say they're cribs look more like the high bar. I would be totally fine having Olympic gymnast nephews! We'll practice some giants and release moves next week. Got to start them young =b

The Alexanders said...

hahaha! We totally thought about doing a post like this but never got around to it! The boys look like they were having fun!