Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Los Quatros Amigos

If you know me at all, you know I have a dear friend, E, who gave birth to her twin boys 3 days after my guys were born.  There's nothing like a year in the trenches together, I'll tell ya!  We just snapped a shot of the guys together yesterday, which is getting harder each month - note my arm holding Nathan in place.  He crawled out of the first take! The funny photo got my monkey-brain wondering how many pictures we have of los quatros amigos together, then searching for them, then thinking this would make a great post.  They met in utero:
Here we are 8 months pregnant together, May 09.  Only once were we able to have a girls' day before the boys were born - lunch at the Olive Garden.  Mmmm...salad and breadsticks, where are you now?
The boys are about a month old here, I think.  Clockwise from top: her sons A, G, Nathan, Matthew.  This was our quietest playdate.

July '09: E's son's G and A in the yellow/green car seats, then my Nathan and Matthew.  About 2 months old.

G, A, Nathan, Matthew - about 3 months old Aug. 09.
Nathan, Matthew, A, G - about 5 months old, Oct. 09. 
A, G, Matthew, Nathan - about 7 months old, Dec. 09.
Matthew, Nathan, A, G with the thumbs-up!  about 8 months old, Jan. 10.
A, G, Matthew, Nathan.  Taken 3/15/10 - 9 1/2 months old!

That last one cracks me up!  I don't know how we'll get all 4 of them to sit for a picture next month!
Here's me and E at her "reveal" - she won a makeover last week from MVMOM!  Doesn't she look fabulous? 

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mrs. b. said...

wow, that's so cool! i bet it's pretty awesome to have someone to go through all of this stuff with. i'm just a little jealous. :) and she *does* look fabulous! you are both beautiful mamas!