Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blabbermouths and Yesterday's Pics

RRRRR!  Cement Truck!
(in a baby British accent) Ouch!  Charlie!  He bit me!  And it really hurts!

I know that this is NOT the way the biting incident went down in the nursery yesterday, but if you've never seen the Charlie Bit Me You Tube Video, I promise you'll laugh today!  And N's wound is already healing - I doubt we'll be able to see it by Friday.  You can see the mark above his left eye.  And hopefully N and Biter will be at peace because we'll be seeing him every Tuesday.  My sister reminded me of that after she read the blog last night and told me that my niece was bitten by a Biter at her daycare for months!  Aaah! 

Hubs and I were talking this morning about the funny stuff the guys are "saying," so I thought I'd share what's coming from the blabbermouths:

Both guys LOVE pointing to the airplanes that fly overhead (we're in the "path" for the runway at MSP) and go, "ooh, ooh!" and I tell them, that plane is landing at the airport where Daddy works.  They both do an over-exaggerated "all done" sign when they're finished eating and I swear I heard one of them say "all done," the other day.
N says:
"Mo?" and makes the "more" sign
and "Eeee?" making the "eat" sign
he taps his head to make the "night night" sign and makes a fist for the "milk" sign  
"nnnnnnn" with a point to his nose is, of course, nose
"whuuu, whuuu" (really low!) is "woof, woof" for doggy
of course "Ma Ma," and "Da Da" for us
N folds his hands when we say grace at meals and our bedtime prayers

M is a real chatterbox!
"Mo?" and "Eeee?" (really high!) are two of his favorite words and signs as well. 
He mastered Ma Ma and Da Da as well
He also makes the milk sign and adds
"nye nye" to the  night night sign 
"nnnn" for nose as well as
"whuu whuu" for doggy
But he's expanding his vocabulary.  He says "choo choo" for every train-like thing he sees!
Truck seems to be "RRRRR" or "Whoa!" Either way, he's quite impressed.
M says "Ayen" when we say "Amen" after grace and bedtime prayers!


Pam Kelsey said...

So glad you translated for us! Sanks...I mean thanks:)

camaulds said...

That is soooo adorable...I can't wait to show them the beeeeeeeg trrrrrrrrrruck as Steve used to call them!