Monday, October 18, 2010


Hubs and I don't make much of Halloween.  The most we've done is carve a pumpkin and once we handed out candy to the maybe 8 kids who showed up.  In recent years, we've gone out to eat! 

But last year, I stumbled across matching panda costumes on clearance after Halloween.  So I bought them.  And when we visited the grandparents in MI this weekend, we had Halloween!

The fellas totally did NOT get the concept, aside from eating treats most of the weekend.  However, the suits were so DARN CUTE!  Here are a few snapshots of our Panda-Monium this weekend:

The guys were not interested in taking a photo with Mommy

Panda N needs a snack with Papa before moving on to house #2

Panda M is not sure of this trick or treating stuff.

At the fourth and last house, Panda M is getting the hang of this!

Playing with Great Grandpa's radio was the best part!

Panda N grabs his candy and runs! 

Mommy and Daddy and two little panda bears

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The Alexanders said...

AWESOME family picture! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!