Monday, October 25, 2010

First Halloween Party

I haven't had this much Halloween fun since 1987, when I had to make my own costume.  I made a blue-construction-paper "sticker," dressed in yellow from head to toe and went as a chiquita banana!  Oh, boy, would you have a laugh if my scanner worked and I could show you THAT pic! 

Our "official" Halloween pic
Seriously, though, dressing the fellas up in their panda costumes is just a HOOT!  We did it again on Saturday when we attended the MVMOM Halloween Party.  The best part is seeing what other parents dress their twins as.  I think "monkeys" was the most popular costume there.  Bees, princesses, ladybugs, superheroes, dogs, lions, cowgirls, Mickey and Minnie (so cute!) - they were all there!
Mr. J, G the dog, A the Lion, Papa bear and our panda cubs

M was on a mission to eat as much Chex Mix as possible
Getting ready to roll in!

Coloring Frankenstein for a special person.  Watch your mailbox!

Eat this Chex Mix, Daddy!  It's delicious!

What a silly little bear!

Me and N with M and one of her pink leopards

These events are just a riot for the kids - okay, mine just wanted to eat Chex Mix because there were m&m's in it - but we MVMOM's get to meet each other's kids and hubbies, too.  Above, you met my dear friend E's hub, J.  I'm sure you recognized her little animals.  I'm including the pic below not because it's a great shot of me or the boys but because one of our members is married to SuperDad. He's taking a pic of his SuperFamily, who is following behind the Panda family in the Parade.  Yes, I said Parade.   
We've got another costume party this week with some mulitples friends and of course, the big day!  What in the world I'll do with the candy, I don't know, but I'm looking forward to trick-or-treating with the boys in our neighborhood next Sunday.  We've got to squeeze all the cuteness out these panda suits before we hang them up next Monday!

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