Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Last Blast of Summer!

(This blog format looks kinda weird and I know it, but I'm going to leave it so I can take the boys outside while it's still nice. It snowed here on Oct. 12 last year!)

I hope that you are enjoying this week's return to summer like we are! The boys seem to have grown a bit since I put away their summer clothes, so I was able to fish out the outfits that were big on them. It was like getting new clothes!

We chose to spend every minute outdoors this weekend! We took the jogging stroller to Ritter Farm Park and went off-roading. It's a large park where people hike and ride their horses on grassy trails and it was just beautiful with the leaves turning. The boys seemed to enjoy the ride as long as we kept the animal crackers flowing! I wish we'd have taken photos, but, alas, I forgot. We didn't see any horses, either - just a gardener snake and some bugs. When we stopped at the grocery store on the way home, I remembered to snap this cute pic of the guys driving their double grocery cart, though!

On Saturday night, we had our friend B and his 5 year old son over for dinner and a bonfire. It was also the boys' first bonfire - for 20 or so minutes! Because we don't trust them for a split second, and also because they were freshly bathed, they enjoyed the fire from the confines of their pack and play, which they didn't seem to mind so long as we fed them graham crackers. Hm, I'm beginning to see a pattern here...

Here's Hubs and M grilling dinner.

B and E took a self-portrait at the campfire! Then E turned the camera on me!

Okay, not my best angle, but I'll give him a break because he's 5, after all.

We always enjoy warm weekends together as a family and spending time with friends makes them extra special! It looks like we're in for some more good weather this week, too. Hooray! After I wrap this up, the boys and I are going to take a long walk in the afternoon sunshine. I only wish that Minnesota weather were like this year round!

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