Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,
Guess where we ate last night?  It has chips and cheese quesadillas and refried beans and servers who keep picking up your sippy cups and fire engine toys when you throw them on the ground and I dipped a chip in salsa and it was good but mommy took it away because I tried to scoop it up with my hands and OH YEAH we got to color too but mommy wouldn't let us eat the crayons even though I kind of like doing it so I was mad and just broke them but she didn't seem to care she just fed me cheese quesadillas and they were really yummy and then I played with my fire engine toy and threw it on the ground and this really nice server who kept calling me hombre picked it up every time and it was really fun till mommy took the toy away and gave me a fruit leather but I didn't really want that I just wanted to get down so she let me get out and sit with her friend Miss K who put me down on the ground and HOORAY! I'M FREE!
Pass the salsa, please!

 Dear Daddy,
I was a panda today.  I sat really still to get my picture taken with A and the other kids.  Because mommy gave me a choo-choo to hold.  I said "choo choo" and she smiled so I said it again and she smiled again.  It was a lot of fun.  My favorite part was pretending to be a bird and eating little pieces of cheese sandwiches out of O&W's grandma's hands.  She was a chef.    She gave me a lot of cheese.  I really like it.  Mommy says maybe I'll be a mouse next year.  There were two cozy coupe cars there and I played with them but I shared, too. 

Little animals at the muliples' halloween party today!
Love, Your Boys

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Pam Kelsey said...

Your posts are way too funny! Becuase, it really shows their personalities!!