Monday, October 4, 2010

Girl-Friends and Birthday Parties

We are blessed to have so many baby girl-friends.  Thus begins the birthday parties!  Friday night was G's first birthday party, where the guys each got their own mini cupcakes - a totally genius idea for the little ones! Here's N snacking on some mini cupcake with purple sprinkles, followed by M, who ate on Daddy's lap.  After the cake, the boys were playing with the kids - or so I thought, when I saw N swipe someone's mini cupcake off the unattended plate!  Guess he wanted "more," his new favorite word. "Mo?  Mo?  Mo?" he asks, making the sign for it ALL. THE. TIME.  Even when there's food right in front of him!
Who, me?

Birthday party kids - happy birthday, G!
We had another one-year-old-girl-friend's birthday party on Saturday, too.  Her Daddy took the funniest picture of the three of them!  Two of them did not want their picture taken, but guess who was hamming it up for the camera?  N, of course.  I'll add it here when he sends it to me.  Happy birthday, E!

Today we met yet more girl-friends at the zoo, C & R, who are identical twin girls born the day after my guys!  We've had an all around good time getting together with our girl-friends this weekend!

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Pam Kelsey said...

They certainly are starting young!!