Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pandas Forever

This is the last panda post, I swear!  I've swamped the blog with cute panda pictures and only took a couple tonight when we rolled to a few neighbors' homes for trick or treating.  Here's where we stopped to put their "paws" back on because it was getting cold. 
Trick or Treat!  They only say, "Tee!"
 Pumpkin carving was our Saturday evening activity and N loved it!  He was all about playing with lid, the guts, and the little pieces that Daddy cut out of the eyes. M was more interested in playing with the camera:
M's first photo: Daddy.
 We tried to show him how fun it was to scoop out the guts (yeah, right) but this is as close as he'd get.  In fact, after this photo, he spent the rest of our pumpkin-carving time playing with his cars.  He wanted nothing to do with the scooping, carving or candle-lighting.  In fact, when we turned out the lights to show them how the jack-o-lantern glows, he said, "Bye, bye!"  Get outta here, you dumb pumpkin!
Let's put that lid on and be done with it.
Hurcules loved it and tried carrying it around!

 Mr. Muscles, on the other hand, thought pumpkin-carving was a riot!  He stuck his hands in there and pulled out pumpkin guts, he handed Daddy newspapers and carried around the pumpkin "eyes."  We tried to get both boys in a picture with the finished product, but M was not interested and's his attempt at lifting it onto his shoulders to become the headless horseman.

It's time to hang up the panda suits, though.  I know the day is coming where they'll want to dress as...some of those creatures who came to my door after dark this evening.  But there was one middle-school aged boy who wore a giant penguin costume.  He looked a little like my N.

Maybe they'll be pandas forever. 

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Bonnie said...

Isn't it funny, how differently they can react to the same thing..... Aliza was not eager to pull guts out of the pumpkin with her bare hands and I convinced her to try it, as it's really the best way.....she took two handfuls out and says "ugh, I feel like I'm gonna throw up!" So it became my job.....yay.