Friday, October 29, 2010

Daddy's Back!

And just in the nick of time!  Last weekend, he was teaching them horsey back rides.  N really got it when Daddy taught him to hold around the neck while Daddy crawled around the living room, the boys holding on for dear life.

Because N's been trying to "ride" his brother all week.

What I thought was N "hugging" his brother (and encouraged it), was not.  This became apparent as the week progressed.

Every time N went to hug him, it was from behind.  He's wrap his arms around his brother's neck. 

But M hated it and walked away, complaining.

N wasn't going to take no for an answer.

So he took him down. 

He'd sneak attack him: come at him from behind, wrap his arms around his brother's neck, pull him to the ground, and hopefully, M would land facedown.  When that happened, N would crawl up onto his back and try to "ride."

In reality, this is very funny.  Well, N thinks it's funny and I did.

But poor little M looks at me like I've betrayed him, so I've intervened.  Not that it helps much, but, ya know.

Hubs is going to playing a LOT of horsey back this weekend.   

This is not a hug.  It's a horsey back "ride-" well, an attempt at getting one, anyhow!

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