Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Few More Words

M talks a lot more than I realized!  I missed a lot of his words yesterday, including the most obvious:

"Hi!" with a wave to EVERYONE we see
"Bye!" with a wave, but usually AFTER we have departed
"Uh oh," usually said when food is being THROWN on the floor
"No-no," always said when he or his brother (or us, I suppose!) are doing something we're not supposed to be doing, throwing food on the floor, pushing on the screen door, standing in the bathtub...
"Zi?" said pointing an object, asking "What's this?"
"Buh Bo" for bubbles.  He'll repeat it until he wears you down to blow them, then walks away indifferently from you when you do.  Like he just wants them being blown in the background!
"Cah cuh" with a short "a" sound, this word means cracker or cookie, we're not sure because he uses it interchangeably.  I suppose it could also mean "snack!"
"Nay Nay," his name for his brother
"Diggle-diggle"  we think this came from our games of "tickle tickle," but he doesn't use it in that context.  In fact, it seems to be a general term for "I'm pretty happy doing whatever it is I'm doing right now,"
Pushing is better than riding by far
"Caaaah" think of our neighbor from Boston saying "car," and you've got it!  Seemingly there are 3 cars right now: a picture of one in a picture book and our two cozy coupe toys.  We've been playing a lot of "cars" this week since it's so nice out.

Look at that curl N has on his head!
I'll just keep adding to this list when I think of "Mo?" words.  Perhaps giggly little N will start talking "mo", too.

"Ba," used by both of the guys, is an over-generalized word for "ball."  Anything round is a ball, so it's pretty funny when we are at the grocery store and every apple and tomato is "ba! Ba! Ba!"  It's also one of M's mystery words.  One night on a walk, he was desperately signing "milk" and saying "Ba? Ba? Ba?" Maybe he wanted a bottle?  but he hasn't had one in several months!  

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