Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 6: Setbacks

Pooping in the potty is proving to be a real challenge. I'm seeing a pattern: the boys keep their underpants or pull ups dry all morning, (hooray!) then durin nap, N poops in his pull up. No big surprise there-he's been driving me crazy with this poop -at-naptime philosophy for over a year. So I kind of expected it and can deal easier with the mess.

M, our "model student," wants to get it right so badly. He understands that he's not supposed to go in his pull up, but apparently can't feel it until it's already on its way, so he has half an accident in the underpants and finishes the job in the bathroom. I know he's on a pretty steep learning curve, but I lost count how many number 2 accidents he had today. That's because Hubby got a few of them while I was attempting to fix dinner.

On a positive note, dinner was a surprise success. I breaded and pan fried tilapia and called them "fish nuggets," served with carrot sticks and ranch dressing. They both ate every bite an M asked for more. Wow, praise God! Guess I'll be making that again. It's hard to find an adult meal we and the kids both like.

Also, both boys went pee pee at the church this morning and kept their pull ups dry for the 30 min rides there and back, so we are still making progress. It's hard to remember that when I've got a pile of dirty stinky bottoms to start washing now.

Just tell me it gets better and I'm doing the right thing, even if it's the hard way. (won't be the first thing I've done the hard way.)


Meika said...

It gets better! You're doing the right thing! By "the hard way" do you mean with the undies? Because I think that only feels harder; I'm convinced that it really does speed things up. Pooping is almost always harder for some reason - but it sounds like M is catching on great! I bet he'll be filling the john like a champ by the end of the week. That pooping at naptime is a little trickier... If you can figure out when during naptime he typically poops, that might help. A lot of times kids do their business immediately upon waking - if you could wake him up a few minutes early so he doesn't have a chance to fill the drawers, maybe? It might be a little bit of work to undo that habit, but you can do it! You're doing an amazing job. :) This is hard work!

Aunt L said...

Wow! Good job, guys! Keep up the hard work! It's so cute to me for some reason. Love you!

Pam Kelsey said...

Keep it up!! You are doing a wonderful job!

KJ said...

It will get better! Just be patient...it takes time. With our twins once one got it within a few weeks the other one finally did too. Just be consistent and don't get up!

camaulds said...

I can really identify with trying to make people happy at meal time! No matter what was made at meal time, with 4 kids it was garaunteed someone would be unhappy!

Traveling with 4 kids was even worse as then you had choices of WHERE TO EAT that were on display right in front of you! If you took everyone to a nice sit down place one or more kids were sure to be upset because they wanted McDonalds and the accompaning play place across the street! Since they could see the desire of their heart from the current table you usually had to "hear about it" all during the meal!

Same with eating out at home! Six people, six different appetites & six different ideas on how to sate them!

How did I keep my sanity? Who says I did?

The bottom line is everybody had to learn to give at times! Sharon and I did a lot of giving to try to effect family happiness at meal time! All you can do is try to be fair to everyone over time! The person that didn't get their way this time sometimes got to choose the next time!

Finally, sometimes we had to lay down the law with "this is breakfast/lunch/supper...Eat it or go hungry!" they tested us on the "go hungry" a time or two but once they realized the threat wasn't idle they'd settle down and acquiesce!

Since you can't please everyone, do what you gotta do!