Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Operation Potty Training

Begins at 8am tomorrow. I'm not taking it lightly, people. I'm locking us in my bathroom with 2 potty chairs, a box of books and coloring, a DVD player with brainwashing DVD's (maybe Elmo if I can get hubs to swing by the library - just got the email that it's in!), juice boxes, disinfecting wipes, potty stories, and a pair if rubber boots! Oh, yeah, and a boatload of M&M's in a gumball dispenser. We will emerge victorious on Sunday morning.

M is ready and so am I, so I'm not going to miss this window of opportunity. N is somewhat interested and went poo yesterday after watching a "go potty go!" movie. So, I think it's time. Not to mention my little bundle of joy (the next Karate Kid) is going to he using their diaper allowance in 3.5 months.

Pray for us, that we will survive the next 3 days! I'll update you on our progress. In the meantime, let the river flow!

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