Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

We are looking forward to a very exciting year with the addition of baby boy number 3!  We still don't have a name for him, but my in laws told me they are placing bets.  On a side note, Aunt L slipped that her bet is Timothy, which made me laugh out loud in her face (sorry about being rude) because one of my many rules for baby names is no ex-boyfriends.  "What?  You had a boyfriend named Timothy?"  she cried in disbelief.  What a sweetheart.  She was just 13 years old when I started dating her brother and since I don't talk about exes (there's no point in talking about all the frogs after you find Prince Charming) she had no idea!

I'm not going to do a year in review.  It was a good year, but if you're a reader, you know all about it.  We have a lot to look forward to in 2012: Hubs' travels should slow down a bit (he had a crazy fourth quarter), we have new big boy underpants for potty training (coming soon!), and of course, a baby brother to prepare for! 

Last night we spent New Year's Eve with my parents, sister and nephews for the fisrt time in years.  Because Hubs and I had so much fun with our at-home lobster boil last year, I talked my family into doing it with us!  Papa wanted to show the grandsons the lobsters, so he dumped them out onto the counter.  The bigger boys were interested, N didn't care, and M freaked!  Trembling, tears, sobbing and clinging to daddy ensued during the 5 minutes the lobsters were creeping on the counter.  (I'll upload the pics for you when we get home.  It's pretty funny!)  "No Crabs!  No Crabs!  No Crabs!" he cried.  I'm certain he's only seen crabs and lobsters in picture books, so I'm proud of him for recognizing a crustacean when he sees one, but I don't have a clue what scared him so much.

After the little fellas were boiled, red and still, M was all smiles and even playing with the legs on Daddy's lobster.  None of the kids would take a bite, but none of the adults cared - we wanted our lobsters to ourselves!  The kids had noodles, shrimp, corn and biscuits.  Eight year old S cried, "It's a feast!"  "Yes, it is," I agreed.

My guys passed out around 9pm, but my 4 and 8 year old nephews were determined to stay up until midnight.  We played Scrabble and Yahtzee, then watched the ball drop in NYC.  We all counted down, then cheered and kissed at midnight.  Four year old E said, "Just one ball?  That's it?"  I think the boys were a little disappointed that they stayed up for that. 

Happy 2012, my friend.  May this year bring you many blessings, much love and good health for you and those you love.  Count your blessings - they'll always outweigh your tears. 

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