Monday, January 23, 2012

My life is weird, but good.

Potty training has stalled. All I can tell you is M is great at keeping dry, but doesn't get number two in the potty. N had 4 accidents Saturday and I was brainstorming a blog post called "progress, Regress," but then life got crazy. Hubs has been under the weather most of the weekend, so a sweet neighbor came to watch the boys last night so I could take a friend to an awesome women's ministry event at our church. Then if was freezing-raining, but we went anyway.

Everything was great while we were there and I was quite enjoying myself, knowing it was my last night "off" since Hubs was supposed to be going to JFK all week. Little did I know. In an hour's time:

My van battery died.
Friend's mom came to church to jump it.
It didn't jump.
Key stuck in ignition.
Hubs texting asking where medicine is because he's worse.
Another friend found church maintenance guy "Bill" who helped jump with his truck.
Hooray! Van starts!
Hubs textx again because he's even worse.
Roads are bad going home.
Poor neighbor stayed till 10:00 because he heard how bad Hubs was feeling. (need I go onto the details? Let's just say he was SICK.)
Find hubs white as a ghost and covered in hives.
NYC trip cancelled.
Wake up nurse M for consultation.

Everyone sleeps through the night.

I showered at 7am , lest I find myself taking Hubs to a clinic with 3 day old greasy hair.
N is whiny clingy and doesn't finish breakfast.
Taking care of Hubs and surreptitiously running to Target for meds while boys watch PBS, I come home to find N fevering.
Consult nurse M again.
Give N albuterol treatment, tuck all 3 in and go back to Target for more meds.
Did I mention our neighbors snowblowed our driveway so I'm trying to bake thank you cookies and make cute cards with the boys? No? We did that, too.
Toss more laundry in because sick people make more of it.
Sit down to eat a yogurt and check my email and blog this to you.
That's why potty training is at a standstill.
And, why my life is weird, but good.

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