Friday, January 20, 2012

Special Kind of Crazy

When it happened 3 years ago I thought I was losing my mind. People warn you of kankles and fat, swelling and discomfort. But they don't read you the fine print: side effect may include INSOMNIA!

It's not like I don't have sleep problems to begin with, but in normal life, once I fall asleep, I don't wake until the alarm, and then, barely. Nowadays my alarm isn't set of twin toddlers, born to make me crazy all day.

Now I have a pre-born infant making me crazy at night. For the second time this week, I am awake at the wrong time. It went like this:

I was dreaming (they don't tell you about vivid weird dreams either) about M and N playing with a 17 foot python at my sister P's house. Apparently it was friendly, but wouldn't you know, they broke it into 4 large pieces. Of course I yelled at them for hurting their uncle's snake, and they put the carcass pieces onto the coffee table and crawled into a large chair together, pouting. As my sister and I were discussing what to do with the mess and how to tell her husband, I woke up (for real woke up)

To the sound of M crying in his room. I sat up listening to determine whether to go in there, but he stopped a few seconds later and fell asleep.

Begin insomnia. I tossed and turned trying not to wake Hubs for a half hour. I feel totally caffeinated, like I just had a Big Gulp of Diet Coke. All I can think about is turning Chicken in a Pot into Best Chicken salad for lunch, so rather than "waste" time tossing or wake Gibs eating crackers like I did 3 nights ago, I move stealthily (haha, right?) to the kitchen.

Quickly abondoning the chicken salad idea (too noisy, must chop things) I see 3 spoiling nana nas, perfect for bread. Mmmmm, I love banana bread and I even have walnuts in the, even noisier, must use Kitchenaid. Hi, Kithenaid, how are you? Haven't mixed anything lately, huh? Don't worry well make something tomorrow. (sigh)

Finger jello! The boys were mysteriously well behaved last night and each had just one no 2 accident yesterday so I decide to boil water and fix it for them. They can have it after they eat chicken salad for lunch.

Anyone want to guess what size my post pregnancy body will be this summer? The Lands End Overstock catalog arrived yesterday, which I browsed as I whisked with my quiet rubber whisk. There are some great sales and I love the LE suit from 2 summers ago.

"were you in the kitchen?" mumbles Hubs as I slip not so stealthily into bed.

"shh, yes, just insomnia, go back to sleep," I whispered. Fortunately, he did, and he's probably dreaming about cherry finger jello, which the house now smells of.

Seriously it's a special kind of crazy.

PS Happy 32nd Birthday, P! Love you sis! Quite obviously, I was thinking of you on your special day today. And I PRAY J does NOT get you a python. Pretty sure that came from our zoo visit Mon, not because I'm telepathic :)


Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to let you know J got me money to buy books for my kindle and lily got me an electronic photo frame. i think we are safe on the snakes (breathing better, heart working.....NEVER want a snake!) Preggo dreams ARE the craziest! Love you and thanks for the blog dedication!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Totally understand the insomnia. Ugh. I do have some words of encouragement tho. I am almost 6 weeks away from delivery and unlike last time (with the twins) I've been sleeping better the last month or so. Why you ask?? I completely think it's because I chase 2 toddlers around the house all day and just collapse of complete exhaustion. I pray it gets better for you. I was really struggling mid-pregnancy and now (besides having to pee) I'm sleeping better. :)