Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"I'm A Big Boy!"

That's M's new phrase lately. As I lay here in hour two of insomnia, thanks in part to said child, I must admit it's so true. In just a month's time, it seems my boys have grown from a small destruction crew to a band of Big Boy Brothers. For example,
1. They're potty trained. Ok, not 100%, but now when I say it's time to go, they both run to the bathroom and cooperate! The last two days have been remarkably clean - compared to last week. I told a friend yesterday that I have to look at their weekly composite score to see improvement, but it's there! Our next challenges are pooping in the potty and those frustrating auto flush toilets in public. Any tips?

2.they each have their own room. Like some kind of fairy dust, separating them has given all of us peaceful bedtimes once again. It took us a bit to figure it our, but N needed an additional night light. He was turning on his overhead light every night! I was less concerned about the electricity than his body not making serotonin. The boys cooperating for bedtime has reduced my stress level greatly.

3. They like popcorn and movies! We aren't quite ready for a feature film, but we had a whole hour of family snuggle time on the couch Sunday night with Cars 2, popcorn, and a fire in the hearth. I think N ate half a bag by himself! It was one of the simple joys in life I've been waiting for with them - to do something "normal." There is so little normalcy in being parents of twins!

4. They are sitting through and eating meals. Again, I have to consider the composite "score" if you will, but it's getting better. The Fisher Price space saver high chairs were permanently removed and "professionally" cleaned by moi this week. (Oh my heavens, that was a whole day job! I almost wrote a post about the massively disgusting things I cleaned on Friday: two high chairs, poopy underpants, and the area under the dishwasher that was installed 11 or so years ago. Gross doesn't quite describe it.) M has been eating like a horse this week, too, cleaning his plate and asking for seconds and thirds. I fully expect a growth spurt from him very soon.

5.they are communicating better and using voice inflection appropriately. For example. While broiling chicken and tossing salad last night, N walked into the kitchen, shrugged his shoulders and turned us his hands. Asking, "seriously? Where's my lunch?" I burst out laughing before I told him he can't talk to mommy that way and needs to say please! He's also been saying "yumm-MEE" and "wow-WEE" in response to things he likes.

6. They are following directions better. I need to stop lifting them as much as possible, so I've been trying to train them to climb into their cars eats on their own. Sounds simple but it's not because our garage is full of amazing things they'd rather explore, like their summer outdoor toys and everything dirty covered in road salt. However. I noticed that more and more often, if I have a tiny bit more patience (ie, I give myself more time for van loading) they will do it and all I need to do is buckle and kiss. Small miracles.

7. They don't fight getting dressed. M rarely did but B hated it. Now I allow them to choose their shirt from the bottom rack of their closet 6 days a week and all is well. N picks a hoodie every day. No lie! He lives his hood and wears it all day. When he finds his sunglasses and sports them we call him the unibomber! He doesn't get his way on Sundays though. He has to choose between a button down and a sweater-he chose sweater. At least until we get home from church:)

8. They are beginning to understand that we're having a baby! The crib is up in M's room and sometimes he tucks his bear in there. Sunday when he was squishing my belly (a problem, I'm losing lap space quickly) I told to be careful of baby brother, he wanted to see him. So I lifted my shirt, then he kissed my belly and said , "sleep tight baby brother," patting it and pulling my shirt back down. It was the sweetest!

9. In one of the potty training videos we watched there was a song about becoming big kids. I would tell them they're big kids now and every single time, M corrected me and said, "I'm a big BOY!". Now he repeats it incessantly.

I guess it's true that we really can speak things that are not as though they are, because suddenly, in a month's time, We have two very very BIG BOYS!


Misty said...

Tip for the auto potties (Emma HATED them too): carry a small roll of masking or duct tape with you. Place a small piece of tape over the sensor when you go in. I used to cover it with my hand, but with 2 kids, it's just too much! Congratulations on being the mommy tobig boys!! :)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Wow! These are all huge accomplishments as of late. I am very impressed and sounds like things are shaping up in time for that new baby. Good work!! With only a max of 5 weeks til our new baby -- I definitely waited too long to potty train. I am way too tired, distracted and down right emotional for this process, now. It's either gonna happen on it's own (before baby) or it will have to wait til I am somewhat normal again ... which at this rate could be months from now. I keep forgetting ... when are you due??

Pam Kelsey said...

Good job mom!!!!

Meika said...

A second on the tape for the auto-flush toilets! I used to keep a roll of electrical tape with me at all times. Also handy in case you need to rewire a lamp on short notice. It sounds like things are going great! The pooping will come eventually. :)