Friday, January 13, 2012

Day Two: Holy Crap!

Potty training twins is not for the faint of heart.  I'm not sure who it is for, though - maybe Super Nanny?  This is insane.  It reminds me of learning how to tandem nurse twins: nobody can prepare you for it, only a professional or another twin mom can even begin to teach you, and it's painful like all the bad words I cannot publish, making you think - there must be another way!  Is this really worth it?

Yesterday exceeded my expectations.  Here are a couple of cute pics from then:

N drinking juice, waiting patiently for the pee pee
In the above photo, you can see the back side of the book, "Everybody Poops," a gift from Aunt P.  My nephew S was reading it to the boys at Christmas, screeching, "This is inappropriate!  Who wrote this for kids!?" much to our delight!
N and M, watching a potty video, waiting for the big moment
By the way, I have an enormous master bath, in case you're wondering about my brilliant idea to lock ourselves in there (more coming on that).  Embarrassingly huge, actually.  That's why I did it - room enough for all of us, two potty chairs, a basket of toys, a DVD player, and best of all, a heated tile floor, making it a very toasty space!  So the boys and I, and for quite a bit of it, my wonderful Hubs, were in there all morning, drinking, peeing, and basically "getting" it!  Much dancing, singing and M&M consuming happened after each score and I was feeling pretty stinking awesome, albiet, exhausted.

Pull Ups for naps, and back to the lock in, but it was clear at 4:00 that it wasn't working anymore.  Hubs took them and the potties to the playroom so I could fix dinner, which was interrupted by not one but BOTH of them filling their undies with a big load of poo.  I should have seen it coming.  We cleaned them up, ate dinner, and the rest of the evening was uneventful.  (By the way, they're wearing overnight diapers until they start waking up dry - I'm not even going to begin tackling that!)

However, we did make it through the entire day in underpants with only Pull Ups at nap, so I was very, very happy.

Today - totally different story.  We started out the same way, this time with Elmo, who, I've been told, is the master when it comes to potty videos.  They are less impressed than they should be. 

Begin Day Two: Cheese!
However, after just an hour locked into my brilliant potty training bathroom, it was very evident we weren't going to make it.  I was about to throw them both out the window!  So we moved back downstairs to the playroom like last night.  But here's what's different: we introduced the toilet ring.

The problem with normal bathrooms is there is just ONE toilet that can be fitted with a toilet ring.  Never mind we have multiple bathrooms - we are always all together for this.  So, we've had more accidents today because they both are in love with the toilet ring (hooray, right?) but cannot "hold" it while his brother is on the ring!  

Today I'm feeling less like the Super Toilet Training Mom that I thought I was yesterday.  But they are still "getting" it most of the time AND they like the toilet ring, SO I think I'm still on the right track. 

Correction: WE are on the right track.  I couldn't do this without my supportive husband and I'm not just saying that to be nice.  He ran errands yesterday so we could have Elmo and smoothies for more training today, he's right there showing them how to hold their pee-pee's down, and pretending it's totally normal to be wiping up pee and answering a business call at the same time.  Seriously - BEST. HUSBAND. EVER. 

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Pam Kelsey said...

Way to go Steve!! Love you for it!