Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dishwasher Repairmen

"Mr. Chuck" was here at lunchtime yesterday diagnosing the dishwasher.  (Diagnosis: Dead)  The boys were fascinated with his drill, and the "special night light" he used to peer inside the dishwasher's innards.  It was cute and sweet, but Mr. Chuck didn't seem the type who'd like his photo taken by a nutty stay at home mom, so I didn't.

He did, however, spark a renewed interest in the Handy Manny tool set kept on the toolbench downstairs, and while I was fixing pancakes for breakfast this morning, the boys were arguing over Squeeze fixing the dishwasher. 

The good news is tomorrow morning should be VERY exciting as Mr. Chuck will have two handy helpers to install the new dishwasher!  Hooray! 


Kristi said...

I always love to say that each of my siblings married a tool from Handy Manny. Kyle married Beamer (Jill's maiden name is Beemer) and Kelli married Turner (obvious). :)

Kristi said...

Kyle's wife Jill - her maiden name was Beemer. Now she's Jill Talicska, but before that she was Jill Beemer. (Spelling difference from the character on Handy Manny, but pronounced the same).