Saturday, April 3, 2010

Butterfly House

Yesterday we visited Dow Garden's butterfly house with Matthew and Nathan.  Since Dow Gardens was where Steve and I got engaged and took wedding pictures, it was especially fun to take the boys back there.

The butterfly house is a new feature at the gardens, at least since we've moved out of Michigan.  It's only open for a few weeks, so if you haven't seen it yet, you'd better hurry! 

We were told that the butterflies were easy to catch that day (apparantly, they are "flighty" sometimes) but they were pretty "flighty" for us!  Imagine the two of us each pushing a stroller around a tiny, hot and humid, overcrowded greenhouse full of tropical plants and butterflies, flapping our arms around trying to catch one! 

Finally, we were sweating like crazy in the tropical enclosure (okay, I was) and everyone was getting pretty drowsy, so we gave up and headed for the door.  A sweet little girl nearby caught a beautiful green butterfly and brought it over to us so we could show the boys.  Here's Daddy, Matthew, and the butterfly:

And Nathan almost catching it! 

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to put their little faces in the butterfly cutout outside, either!

They were too pooped to enjoy the rest of the gardens, so we just waved at "our" spot, where my prince got down on one knee, on our way out.  Hopefully, we'll visit again in the summer, when the gardens are blooming everywhere and we can get some pictures of the boys dancing through the daisies.

And recreate that special "Will you marry me?" moment.


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The Alexanders said...

your fellas make SUPER cute little butterflies!