Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Would you want twins again?

Wow! Way to start with a loaded question! Okay, I have to answer this one delicately, since I have NO IDEA if is was asked by a fellow multiples mom with multiple multiples! (I met a fellow club member with twins AND triplets last night!)

Would I WANT twins again? No. I figure that's like asking someone if they WANT to go through boot camp again.

HOWEVER, IF the Good Lord determines that's what's coming IF we EVER decide to get pregnant again, then so be it.

Here are a few more: 

"Where in Michigan are you guys from?"
Steve and I were both born and raised in the Tri-Cities area (Midland/Bay City/Saginaw). We visit often because our families still live there, but live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota now.

"What's your favorite thing about having twins???"

Awe! I was hoping someone would ask! There are just so many things I love about having two babies at once! I'd have to say, listening to them jabber to each other through the monitor after a nap, then going in to get them, when they are both bouncing up and down in their cribs, grinning and giggling from ear to ear when I open the door is just priceless!

I love that there are always enough babies to pass around at a family function - no one feels gypped!

I love the humor in it: they can even poop at the same time. We call it double doody!

I love that they are "talking" to each other, and playing together (ok, kind of) now that they're 10 months old. They play "open the cupboard and take everything out," "climb up the stairs while mom's changing brother's diaper," and today's new game, "pull tissues out of the box she thought we couldn't reach."

I love that they will always have a best friend.

"Hi! I found your blog on Multiples and More. I have 5 month old twin daughters. How did you establish a nap schedule/routine?"

A fellow MOM recommended the book "The Baby Sleep Solution" by Suzy Giordano. In it, she describes how to get your babies to sleep through the night by 12 weeks (but it took us about 16), and how to establish a healthy sleep/play/eat routine. I highly recommend it!


The Alexanders said...

I was the one who asked your favorite thing about having twins and I LOVE all those things about our boys too!!! WAY TOO MUCH FUN :)

Laura said...

I am the one that asked if you wanted twins again! :) B/c I do!

KJ said...

I actually lived in Saginaw for a bit! Small word, huh!

mrs. b. said...

loved your answers! so glad you signed up for formspring, mama! fun, isn't it? :)