Friday, April 23, 2010

Only the Good Stuff

It's been *quite* the week, as is evidenced by my craptastic blog entries!  But, no one likes a Negative Nellie, so I'll recap this week with ONLY the good stuff:
  • As I write, the boys are napping, I'm squeaky clean (as in showered!  Hallelujah!) and sipping a freshly brewed cuppa Caribou.  Ahhh....heaven.
  • A dear friend who bailed me out on Tuesday night helps me out when Steve is traveling got some AWESOME NEWS this week about her family's adoption proceedings.  I can't tell you details, but it's FANTASTIC and my boys will have a playmate soon, when this little miracle happens!  Praise God!
  • The boys have another new little playmate fresh from Seattle - Miss G and her mom not only visited us, but they made us dinner to boot!  Thanks a ton!
  • Both Matthew and Nathan have learned to say "mom-mom," and have been chattering all week!  We took a walk yesterday and I heard one say, "mom-mom-mom-mom," to which the other replied, "mom-mom-mom-mom!"  They shook it up a bit at breakfast and Matthew was saying "mom-mom-mom," to which Nathan replied "bob-bob-bob-bob" (his Grandpa K, whom the cousins call Pa-pa, but we'll get there)!
  • They are also climbing the stairs!  Oi!  We *may* just have to put up another gate (which I will despise since I climb the stairs 100 times a day- literally!).  Their little trick is to make a break for the stairs while I'm busy changing his brother's (likely poopy) diaper, get up one or two, then occasionally tumble down.  Okay, it's only happened twice, but they both scared the daylights out of me!  These guys are tough, though, and just shake the bumps off and keep going.  
  • I've been teaching the boys a few simple signs (like "more," "drink," and "please,"), and they're actually getting it!  No kidding, both the fellas can sign "more," when they want more food!  Okay, not every time, and yeah, it's not perfect formation, but it's happening!  When they sign to me, it's like getting the best teaching evaluation EVER!
  • We had a successful bath last night, as evidenced by an 89% sitting rate!  It's been a struggle...if they're out of the tub, they want in, if they're in the tub, they want out!  And we can't skip bath nights anymore because they (ahem, Matthew) give themselves hair treatments - avacado, oatmeal, banana, yogurt, you name it.  I'm thinking that's why his hair is so soft and shiny!
 And...drumroll please.....

Matthew cut tooth number 5 this morning!!!!

That explains part of this week's awesome crabbiness, at least!  I'm fairly certain Nathan is cutting a big tooth (sleeplessness, snot, and a low-grade temp yesterday), but he won't cooperate to let me see and I haven't worked up the guts to stick my finger past his 8 little daggers. 

They have also been particularly helpful this week.  Notice who is in the photos?  His brother likes to play with toys, which, unfortunately for him, make far less interesting photos, but a much happier mama.
Three pans, ah-ah-ah!
Four pans, ah-ah-ah-ah!
He did it, not me.
And because I can't let Matthew hog all the photos today, here's one you haven't seen:
It's Nathan and Daddy sharing his first piece of naan at LaZeez (in Midland - you HAVE to go!).
I've got the most handsome fellas! 

What else would you like to know?  Send me some questions via formspring!


Meika said...

Isn't the signing awesome?? It's saved our butts both times around. And it's fun to get a peek into those little heads sometimes - "birdie! doggie! birdie! doggie!" goes a long way to balancing out AAAAAAAAAAAAA-lay-down-on-the-floor-and-kick-AAAAAAAA!!! :)

Hope Steve is home soon!

mrs. b. said...

YAY for showers and coffee and talking and signing and new teeth and handsome little guys!

really, they are so stinkin' cute.