Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Eleven Months!

Our babies turned 11 months old yesterday!  We can hardly believe it!  What a fun weekend we had doing "big boy" stuff to celebrate.  In a nutshell:
Nathan thinks tooth-brushing is just HILARIOUS!!
Matthew takes it very seriously (he might become a dentist: we've found him "drilling" his teeth with the Little Tykes battery-operated drill!)
Can you believe that?  How many people live here?
The boys took their last ride in their baby "bucket" seats up to the NICU reunion in St. Paul.
Here's an oldie: riding at about a month old! (Nathan's in the green hat, of course)
Children's St. Paul NICU's hallways are lined with quilts depicting their NICU survivors.  Matthew and Nathan have a patch on this year's quilt!  It's in Column 1, Row 6: you should recognize their birth announcement photo, trimmed in mint green.
Here's our family picture taken at the reunion...aren't we cute?  It almost looks like we're outside!
The boys loved playing with the parachute
and watching the big kids in the bounce house.  Nathan really wanted to join them!
Maybe next year we will join the March of Dimes Walk for Babies that they did before the looked like everyone had a lot of fun walking!
Roar!  We also played with cousin E's old dragon costume!

We seriously have the cutest kids!  It's been the best 11 months of our lives!


Carey said...

Happy 11 months boys! Love all the pictures!

mrs. b. said...

love the teeth brushing pics! my babes are all pretty obsessed with that process too. happy 11 months, you guys! 1st birthday is just around the corner...crazy!