Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Us Out of Here!

I carried the boys into the "moon room" like a pack mule this morning: one in the Snugli, one on my hip, and the diaper bag on my back. I set them down to play by the mirror because they (ahem, Nathan) like to kiss themselves, so my plan was to let them admire themselves while I checked us in, hung up jackets, etc. Know what the fellas did?

Matthew made a break for the "sibling care" room adjoining on one wall, where his classmates' older siblings play with fun and exciting big kid toys while we are in our (apparently, boring) baby class. While I retrieved him, Nathan made a break for three year-olds' room!

Through the other open door and around the back side of a curtain, I find Nathan, sitting on the floor, looking up at a dozen or so three-year olds, who are starting at him as if he were an alien! The 3 year olds' teacher discovers him the same time I do, and is ecstatic! "I love Thursdays! I love babies!" She asks to hold him, and I let her, because guess what's happening in the "moon room?"

Yep, Matthew's making a break for the "sibling care" room again! "Would you like to meet his twin brother?" Teacher's eyes sparkled, little kids smiled and giggled. I again retrieved Matthew to show him off to the "big" kids. After much oogling and hugging, the three of us returned to the "moon room" for our baby class and I closed the doors on those other teachers.

That's not all - Nathan likes to crawl right over to the entrance, pull himself up, and bang on the glass!  (It's actually quite hilarious, but it's never done at a picture-appropriate time, otherwise you'd see it here.)

Think they're trying to tell me something?

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