Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treasure Shopping

Today was the biannual MVMOM's Used Clothing and Equipment Sale!
I got to go last year when I was huge and preggers.  This is what the nursery looked like after the sale:
Then, I missed the fall sale.  Bummer.  And TODAY, oh, TODAY!
I woke up early, took a shower, got dressed AND put makeup on - all before the munchkins woke up.  I don't remember the last time I did that and I'm not exaggerating.  THEN, after babas and some hugs, I bought myself a Caribou coffee on the way - what an indulgence, right?  When can I ever GET OUT OF THE CAR and GO INTO A STORE BY MYSELF?

Then, I got a number at the sale (201, to be exact).  That means 200 other people got to go shopping before me!  And I stood around for an hour, high on the espresso in my Northern Light Latte, chatting it up with other multiples' moms waiting for the 9:00 am starting bell.

Ding! Ding!  Have you ever seen 200 shopping moms on a mission?  It's like shopping the day after Thanksgiving!  Wow!

What a blast I had chatting with some friends, browsing the stuff, and scoring the most incredible deals!  I didn't REALLY think I'd be able to find the 1-piece SPF size 18 months swimsuits I was looking for, but I did!  I found matching sunglasses, crocs, and swimming hats, too!
Matthew didn't try his on yet, since he was already in the tub.
He wouldn't put down the Croc and actually took a nap with it!  

I love this sale!


KJ said...

Lol...sounds awesome! So nice to find good deals with twins!

April said...

I remember the room looking like that :) Oh and everytime I see the "lavender" bumbo I smile.

Anna said...

Ahhh I bought crocks too (sixe size up!) So much fun-I found so much good stuff this time! I meant to chat with you again before I left but of course we were super far apart in line. It was SO fun to meet you in person! I'd love to chat sometime -- I really don't know anyone else with twins so I LOVE reading your blog! Have fun at convention!