Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

I know it's Thursday and I'm finally getting the Easter pics up, but you wouldn't believe how long it took us to get home from our Easter visit to MI.  Try TWO DAYS!  Yep, our Monday morning flight was oversold, then the flights out of DTW were looking really bad, and we did NOT want to get stuck in DTW spending cash on a night in a hotel there!  THEN, the Tuesday morning flight was looking pretty awful, so we loaded the boys up and drove to the west side of MI to spend the night in Aunt L's apartment and leave out of Grand Rapids!  (Thank you!)  Oh, the crazy life of non-revvers!

(To the passengers of flight DL7323: 26A+B: Thank you for being nice and smiling at the babies, then going to sleep - it was a wise decision.  25C,D+E: Thank you for turning around and smiling when the babies kicked your seat backs and ignoring them the rest of the time.  We tried our best.  25A: THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME A DIRTY LOOK OVER YOUR SEAT WHEN MY BABY WAS FUSSING, THEN RUDELY WAKING HIM UP UPON LANDING WITH YOUR "WHICH ONE WAS THE NOISY ONE?" LOUD COMMENT.  SERIOUSLY, IF YOU HATED US THAT MUCH, YOU WOULD HAVE NOTICED THEY'D FALLEN ASLEEP!!)

Okay, now that I have that off my chest, onto the cute and fuzzy Easter pics:

Our "official" Easter picture: we all changed clothes immediately afterward!  We're not really dresser-uppers-at least, the boys and I aren't.  Daddy always looks suave!

The Easter Bunny left the boys baskets at Grandma A's...
and Grandma K's!  Thank you, Easter Bunny, for all the fun baby treats!
Nathan and his favorite frog toy...he sucks on its feet constantly, even in his sleep!
Here's our best shot from the butterfly house.  A split second later, Nathan was grabbing for it.  Daddy had to move fast to keep him from crushing it!
The Aulds have an old family piano in their living room.  Auntie L and Uncle A lifted the cover so the boys could play.  It was their favorite toy!
We spent our layover day celebrating Grandma and Grandpa K's birthdays.  Here we are giving them flowers at one of our favorite fast food places, Yaya's.  I think it should be called Yumyum's!

A couple cutie pie egg hunt shots and one butterfly house, which I took right before we caught the green one.  I figured we had to have ONE picture of a butterfly!

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mrs. b. said...

these are all such great pictures! looks like you all had a fabulous Easter! :)