Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daddy (and Grandma) Time!

After a little more than 10 months with the boys, Mom finally had the opportunity to get away for a couple of days and attend her MVMOM's Conference. It was the chance for some time with no babes, friends and to pamper herself. Of course that meant...daddy time! Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Grandma A. has flown out for the weekend. We had a great day today; going to a new restaurant in Uptown and a walk around Lake Harriet. After our walk, we took advantage of the wonderful weather, spread a blanket out and let the boys have fun. They were great!

I really don't know why we bothered to bring the blanket, as you can see, the boys decided they wanted to make like free range chickens and set off to explore. I don't know if they have ever seen that kind of green space in front of them and they took advantage.

This was also a big day for them because they had shown a real aversion to grass to begin with. Watching their reaction as they both touched it for the first time a few weeks ago was priceless. We don't have that fear anymore!

Finally, back in September, I went to Rio De Janeiro and bought the guys Brasil shirts. I purchased them large on purpose and thought it would be ages before the day would come where we would be big enough to wear them. Well, today we were big enough and we rocked them all over Uptown.

I give Kim all the credit and recognition in the world. She is not only a Mom, but a maestro, directing our little symphony and keeping it in perfect time and harmony. Kim often does this all by herself while I am off somewhere in the world. She not only deserves a night away, she deserves an award!

I love my wife!

Matthew and Nathan loved to hike in the grass. As you can see, Matthew really doesn't like sun dried organic leaves and Nathan is preparing to move from quad-ped to bi-ped!

We're so happy Grandma A is here to play! Here we are the Japanese Peace Garden and the trees are blooming
Here is Daddy in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil with Mt. Sugarloaf as the backdrop.


mrs. b. said...

oh my! i LOVE their shirts! and i am so glad that you were able to get away for a couple of days, mama. much deserved, no doubt!

lindsey_aulds said...

I loved this blog.. the pictures are great!

KimnSteve said...

Thanks for making it possible for me to get away with my friends, daddy and Grandma! Love you.