Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Case You Think My Life is Glamorous...

Here are some things I caught myself saying this morning (all between 7am-9am):

lifting Matthew out of his crib: "Good morning sunshine!...How long have you been sitting in this mess?"
lifting Nathan out of his crib: "Oh, Nathan!  Oh...."
immediately removing Nathan's soiled pajamas: "Wow, Nathan, this is a record poo!  Let's get you cleaned up."
Matthew completely finishing his bottle: "Good job, Matthew!  Way to go!"
both boys making the "more" sign at breakfast: "More? More?  Good job!  Here's more mango."  (Repeat about 10-15 more times)
lifting Nathan out of his high chair: "Do you have more poops?  Really?"
opening Nathan's diaper: "No! No!  Don't touch!"
closing the dirty diaper and placing Matthew in the exersaucer: "We don't touch brother's diaper."
reading books: "We don't chew library books, just our own,"
crawling up the stairs: "Don't kick your brother in the face,
placing both boys in Matthew's crib with new toys: "Play nice while Mommy changes the sheets,"
switching boys to Nathan's crib: "Where's the green bink?"
pulling Matthew's crib away from the wall and crawling behind it to retrieve bink: "Please stop throwing your binks back there, guys,"
putting away yesterday's laundry, changing sheets, rinsing pj's, starting new batch of laundry for soiled pj's and sheets: "Good job, fellas.  Thank you for playing nicely!"
pulling the shade and turning on the sound machine: "Time for night-night.  I love you!"
rinsing poo out of the tub and turning on the shower: "Lord, help me through this day."


Pam Kelsey said...

What a joy to have TWO happy, healthy boys! Keep that in mind...

lindsey_aulds said...

Hahah Kimberly, who actually has a glamorous life?!