Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Daddy,

M:We are having the BEST DAY EVER!
N: Remember when we told you about the double poopsplosion? We pulled it off this morning!
M: Without a hitch!
N: Unless you count my diaper leaking as a hitch, but it made mom's face SO MUCH FUNNIER!
M: It was so funny that I forgot to give mom a hard time and accidentally finished my bottle!
N: Yeah, then I pooped again while we had breakfast!
M: That wasn't part of the plan, but she thinks it was! And guess what? If I make the "more" sign, she gives me more mango! Every time!
N: Not me. If I just stuff my face till my cheeks puff out and laugh, she gives me more, so I quit signing.
M: After morning nap, we took a long walk to downtown
N: We saw a tractor, a model T, a schoolbus, and lawnmowers
M: The bank lady wanted to give us a sucker, but mom said no
N: She wanted to give us a sticker, but mom said no
M: Mom said we'd eat stickers!
N: Well, it's true, bro
M: Oh, yeah. Then, we had THE BEST LUNCH EVER!
N: She made us your favorite: grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and garlic powder on whole wheat.
M: And that "more" thing worked again!
N: After lunch, we helped "organize" our toys into bins. I thought it best to be inside the bin for sorting.
M: Then, you'll never believe it, Dad!
M: Wow, they are just the coolest!

N: Mom's making us take another nap, but that's okay because I'm just exhausted.
M: Yeah, she really wears us out.
N: She says A is coming over tonight.
M: I hope she helps with our bath because I really wanna get her all wet!
N: Great idea, Matthew! You come up with the best plans!
M & N: Love you, Daddy! See you soon!

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Pam Kelsey said...

That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time! And believe it or not, they probably actually said that to each other!!! :)