Monday, April 12, 2010

Farm Babies!

We FINALLY got to go to the Minnesota Zoo's annual Farm Babies Exhibit!

I searched the web for the MN Zoo's Farm Babies commercial and couldn't find it, so only locals will understand how ADORABLE the ad is!  We've been watching the same ad for 6 years and every year, the little sheep bleats, "Come on, ma-a-a-a-a-n!" at the end, and every year we say we're going to go, but we DON'T because we'll feel all dumb and stuff for not taking some kids with us.

NOW we have an excuse a REASON to go!  Whoopee!

Oh, my gosh!  Okay, maybe I had a little more fun than I should have, but this was so incredibly cute!  LOOK!

Matthew and I got up close and personal with a friendly cow.  She posed very patiently for photo after photo!
Nathan wore his overalls for this special occasion!
Playing with the other kids!  (Get it, kids?)
 Matthew was enchanted by the goat and kept reaching up to touch him.  Since he could only reach its mouth, we decided to try to touch a different, resting goat.
This was a very patient nice goat that we let both the boys pet.  And ya know what's neat about this barn?  There's a "goat resting area" where they can go back into the barn themselves so they're not touched.  (If I were a goat, that's where I'd be!) 
The piglets were the cutest  farm babies of all, but it was too difficult to get a photo, so we decided to have someone take our picture on the HUGE plastic (fiberglass? IDK) sow with her piglets outside the barn.  I envisioned a different photo, one where you see the whole pig/piglet thing, and just the four of us, not the random little girl, but it's still pretty cute.  Thanks, nice lady, for trying!

If you haven't been to see them, go soon, because they're only there till April 30th! 

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mrs. b. said...

i love all the pics! and we absolutely have to get there before the farm babies are gone. time's ticking!

p.s i chuckled out loud about the 'kid' joke. :)